Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hope Eternal Clothing

In 2005 I had the privilege to travel to Tanzania. It was an amazing time! We got to travel all over the country. We got to meet amazing people, that even though they had very little they were some of the most hospitable, caring, generous people I've ever met.

While I was there we worked at an orphanage that told us how so many kids get sick and end up dying because they can't afford the $2 malaria pills. This broke my heart, something for cost of a cup of coffee can save a kids life.

I came home and came up with the idea to start Hope Eternal Clothing, you can see our website here. You can also like Hope Eternal on facebook right here. The idea was that when someone purchases a shirt, profit from the shirt would go towards providing medicine, food, clothing and shelter for those in need around the world.

I'm excited for our newest shirt. It's called Person Not Product and one of our good friends that is working in the Red Light district of Bangkok did the artwork for us.

We look forward to some new designs coming out this year. Here is a video from Love 146 that really helped inspire this shirt!

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