Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Howell - Beckett wedding in San Simeon, California

I had the privilege to add another thing to the list of many things i've had the opportunity to do. I got to take my friends Elizabeth and Jason's wedding pictures. I was pretty nervous to say i would do it as i have never taken wedding pictures before in my life. I talked with some of my friends that actually are Professional Wedding photographers and they told me to just have fun and put my heart into, and that's what i did. 

On October 25th, Jason & Elizabeth got married at the pier in San Simeon, California. It's a really beautiful area about a hour north of Pismo Beach. It was really foggy along the whole coast the day of the wedding, except right on the pier. There was totally a great spot right on the pier that was the only clear spot on the coast. The sun was shining and it was great. Here are a few photos from the day it was tons of fun.