Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm horrible at blogging

So i'm sorry for all the die hard bloggers who type one out every day as they are getting ready for bed, or sitting with their morning coffee. I'm just horrible at taking the time to type these out. This blog is my once a month serious blog and quite random. You can skip to the end if you want to just see pics of goes:

We have been so busy, the DTS started today. We have been running around all week, frantically getting all the last minute stuff together and it has finally arrived. I'm going to be leading this dts(will), so there is a little more responsibility on me. I'm so excited for it though. I'm ready to see all these students (15 in total) have their worlds completely changed(hopefully).

So i've been reading this book that is totally rocking my world. It's called the Irresistible Revolution, by shane claiborne. Freaking amazing book, super challenging stuff in it, and lots of taboo stuff. Especially living in a super conservative, republican part of the states. So in these last chapters i've been reading they've been talking about war, and how it's not really christ like, besides the whole just war theology, and old testament thoughts on war. He goes on to talk about christ and how Jesus was about loving his enemies. It's been amazing. One of my friends phil, his blog is listed over on the side. He had a link to this blog by a guy that was commenting on something shane claiborne had said. He talked about showing love through a noose and the recent saddam hussein execution. He went onto talk about terrorism and war and the sauls of tarsus, osama bin ladens and saddam hussiens. I'm kind of glad God didn't have Saul wiped out, or something like that. It starts to make you wonder. Saul was doing horrible things killing christians and was one of the most feared people(like some of the radical terrorists of today i would imagine). It just makes you wonder what God thinks about all this.

It's just making me do a whole lot of thinking. So here are some pics of eli. He's getting so big. We are doing good, starting to get a little more sleep. And speaking of sleep...i must go...