Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall fun

We are really busy this time of year. We have 6 new staff joining our YWAM base this next week. Most of them have arrived this week. It has been really interesting because the house 5 of them were suppose to move into fell threw on Thursday. So we have them staying all over the place right now.

It makes this already crazy time of year a little bit more crazy. The first two weeks of November is new staff orientation, followed by two weeks of DTS staff training. Then we are in December and that's a whole other crazy month.Once a month we have a staff fun day where we close our office and go and do something fun together. With it being October we went to Avila Valley Barn and hung out at the pumpkin farm. Lots of fun animals for Eli to check out and even a hay ride.

Maybe if i try posting more on here it will help me keep taking new pictures of the boys as well. Or atleast take pictures of Liam. Here are some pictures of the boys, and one of me to keep Phil happy.

Liam chillen on the couch
Liam smiling on the pumpkins
on the hay ride
familia picture '08
Eli being super cute
Eli falling of the pumpkins...Eli and Daddy

Monday, October 20, 2008

2nd baby days...

So i feel horrible, but we have not been as good at taking pictures of Liam like we did with Eli. I think there are already like 2000 more photos of Eli when he was 2 months old than we have of Liam. But here a few. I still have more on my camera that i have to take off this week.

here are some pics of the last couple months...

Eli making one his faces

Liam being cute in a Tonka truck
more cuteness in the truck
Eli wearing my hat
Eli with his cousin(on left) and Liam
Eli playing in his pool at Grandma's house
Eli and his friend Pablo
Eli sort of riding a bike...he was sitting and i was pushing him