Thursday, March 29, 2007

No name for me....

I was trying to think of something creative to title this blog. But instead of taking tons of time to title the blog. I'll just talk about our last couple of weeks.

We can now take a little bit of a breath for now. The DTS that I have been leading leaves for Kenya and Rwanda on Tuesday. I have really enjoyed leading this DTS but I'm ready for a little break.

Four weeks ago we spent the week in San Francisco for one of our lecture weeks.
Then we went straight to Modesto(also in California), for a weekend ministry time. We got to do some really cool stuff in Modesto and learn about the injustice's happening in this city. We helped them plant a community garden, that once it produces produce,
they are going to hand out to homeless people in the city and people in need. We also did a community garden.

We took the DTS camping up the coast to one of our fav camping spots called Plaskit Creek. We surfed and hiked at this other campground called Lime Kiln.
It was a fun weekend. Although we forgot several things like can openers, flashlights, and utensils to eat with. But we managed. I cut our cans of chili open with a hatchet. Luckily no one at shards of metal, that we know of.

We leave for Canada on April 11th for 2 weeks or so. It's nice we had a bunch of Airmiles so we were able to fly from San Luis Obispo to Toronto for like 200 total. It's going to be a nice to time to rest, see all our family and friends.

Then I get back and i go to rwanda for 2 weeks to do a pastoral visit to the dts and make sure that they aren't killing each other. It will be really good. I'm looking forward to going.