Wednesday, March 25, 2009

rest for my soul....

So for the last couple of day's i have been enjoying the great Northwest. I led worship at our church sunday morning and had a great time. God really showed up and i had a great time worshipping him. Immediately after church we hopped in the car, grabbed some in n out and headed for San Jose. I got on a plane and flew to Portland. I got to spend Sunday and Monday with Tierney in Portland and going through all the YWAM stuff.Tuesday for lunch me and T had a delicious Lebanese lunch. It was really good. Some amazing lamb and chicken kabob's. Tuesday afternoon i headed to Salem.

I've had a great time here the last two days just relaxin and getting refreshed. I spent some time reflecting on the positive things God had done in the last year. Some of the things I came up
with were Lori, Liam and Eli, God's provision in our lives the last year, Growth personally and as a base, vision for the future, picking focus countries for the base. It's been a good time, connecting with God and friends.


This post didn't get posted the other night, but now i'm back in the central coast. It's good to be home with my amazing wife and super cute little boys. I really needed the last couple days. It was really restful for my body and my soul. And so now it's time to go enjoy some pancakes with my family, while listening to the once soundtrack.