Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barrow flavored M&M's

So i've been finding all these weird sites where you can make yourself look like some kind of charachter. It started with the site. You can see us as Simpson's pics below. But today i found the site that you can make a m&m look like you. Here is our picture of us on the mission field.

We are doing good. We are getting ready to head up to Montana early Saturday morning. We have a DTS conference to go to. We are there for the whole week.

The house hunting could be done on Friday night. We are meeting with a landlord at like 9:30 at night. They live up in the bay area so we have to wait for them to get down here. Then we have to get up at 4 and drive to Montana. Hopefully it goes well with our meet with the landlord. We still need some more moula but God is always faithful. We'll post some real pictures of us soon. i promise....